Ryan Gosling fills in as 'stunt double', leaves internet cracking

Ryan Gosling has quite the side hustle going. The 43-year-old actor collaborated with the popular Instagram account @dudewithsign for a hilarious promo for his new movie, The Fall Guy. In a photo shared, Gosling is standing in for account owner Seth Phillips while holding a cardboard sign of his own.

"Filling In As Dudewithsign's Stunt Double," Gosling's sign reads, which is a play on the actor's role as a stunt man in the upcoming movie. Additionally, The Fall Guy director David Leitch and Phillips are seen walking in front of the actor, who is pictured wearing a red jacket bearing the title of his new Hollywood-centric action-comedy.

The @dudewithsign account has been active since October 2019, and since then, the account has gained 7.9 million followers. It frequently posts photos of Phillips holding signs reading mundane protest phrases. In The Fall Guy, which is adapted from the 1980s television series starring Lee Majors, Gosling portrays stunt man Colt Seavers, who is brought on to work on a film directed by Emily Blunt's character, Jody, and is then pulled into a mystery regarding the movie's star (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).