English Garden Ideas To Transform Your Outdoors

English gardens, with their foxgloves, fragrant roses and other lovely plants, can transform outdoor spaces. Find inspiration for a traditional or cottage-style design with these English garden ideas.

Let Deep Colours Inspire You

Wondering what colours to use in your English garden? Take inspiration from sparkling crown jewels and gemstones by planting alluring deep-pink ruby reds, violet-purple shades of amethyst and the scarlet tones of garnet. Set these rosy gems within a mixed border to create a rich and regal focal point or add brilliance and sparkle to even the simplest garden to create a sense of ceremony and formality. 

Plant Roses

Roses are practically a must-have for English gardens. Step back and look at your whole garden space before you plant; to add interest and depth, layer a rambling rose behind a border of shrub roses. For cottage garden style, line a path or flank an entrance with climbing or rambling roses, or train the roses up and over a house or porch. Use roses with clipped hedges and a manicured green lawn for a formal, traditional look.

Formal Ornaments

For an elegant, formal English garden, consider using a statue that works as a focal point when it draws your eye and leads you into the surrounding garden. You could also use a large urn, container plant, an inviting sitting area, garden shed, water feature or showy plant like a flowering tree. Don't be afraid to use something whimsical, like a cute animal statue, in a cottage garden.

Use One Colour Family

If you're not a fan of mixed colours, design a monochromatic English garden. Use white-blooming plants like 'Summerlasting Coconut' crape myrtle and plants with gray, green or silver foliage. If you stick to just one colour family, keep your garden interesting by varying the sizes, textures and kinds of your plants.