Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa

  • 04 May - 10 May, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Tucked along the side of the cliff, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa is the first and only hanging gardens spa in the Philippines with a sauna, heated jacuzzi, a hydro-massage pool, and infinity pools. It is nestled in Antipolo City that offers breathtaking views of the Manila skyline and Laguna de Bay. One of the top Bali-inspired resorts in the Philippines, there you can pamper yourself through an array of spa treatments. You can choose from signature massages, luxurious spa treatments and spa party packages. These wellness treatments can last from two to eight hours, depending on the complexity. Aside from jacuzzi and sauna access, the resort’s wellness package already includes food consumables and access to recreational amenities such as the lap pool, theatre rooms and garden lounges.