• 11 May - 17 May, 2024
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Always good material for a story is that first encounter with a special someone. And social media has helped this couple's story become very popular. They didn't just bump into each other in a cafe, look at each other, and fall in love. After stealing his future partner's phone and discovering her "beautiful" photo, the man began to fall in love with her. (Yes, you heard it right). A reporter is seen interviewing the duo in Brazil in a video posted on Twitter. The woman, who goes by the name Emanuela, says that "unfortunately, I was mugged" once while she was out walking. The man, who stole the phone and later became her partner, says, “When I saw her photo on the phone, I said to myself ‘What a beautiful brunette, you don’t see a brunette like that every day,’ and I regretted stealing it.” As the reporter jokes, “So you stole her phone and then her heart?” the man replies, “exactly”. According to the New York Post, they have been dating for two years. The video – posted by journalist Milton Neves on July 21 – has received more than 230,000 views on Twitter and drawn a number of reactions. “Brazil has not surprised me for a long time,” a user wrote. One person wondered, “I just didn't understand how he spoke to her, by her number, if he had her cell phone?” “How did he unlock the cell phone (her) saw the number and called her? The cell phone was with him. I understand it was nothing,” a user questioned.


After an extravagant "wedding" for their dogs provoked outrage in the middle-income nation with one of the most unequal wealth distributions in the world, two Indonesian ladies apologised. In a fictitious ceremony that reportedly cost 200 million rupiah ($13,350), two Alaskan Malamutes were wed on Friday at a mall in the Indonesian capital Jakarta while dressed in traditional Javanese attire alongside their owners and family members. Images of the wolf-like canines taking each other's paws in marriage at the elaborate wedding caused a social media storm, which compelled the owners to hold a contrite news conference. "We regret it very much and we would like to apologise for the Javanese culture enthusiasts and all Indonesians who were uncomfortable and hurt by the event," Indira Ratnasari, owner of female dog Luna, said Wednesday. "We had no intention to insult the Indonesian and the Javanese culture," she said, according to footage posted on her makeup artist's Instagram account. Valentine Cahandra, owner of male dog Jojo, claimed the wedding took place to promote Javanese culture. But angry Indonesians took to social media to condemn the expensive canine nuptials. "It's wasting money and defying God. Common sense has gone, trampled by the desire to show off," one Twitter user posted. Another wrote: "Unnecessarily wasting their wealth, they should have helped people in need instead."