Britain's Got Talent under fire for allegedly scripting competition

Britain's Got Talent is under fire for allegedly creating entire acts, raising concerns about the show's authenticity. The long-running talent competition, which has been on the air for 17 years, has been credited with kickstarting the careers of several stars, such as singer Susan Boyle and dance group Diversity.

The Sun reported that producers suggest ideas for auditions designed to go viral, providing scripts, music suggestions, and even lines for the judges. This disclosure is likely to raise questions about the authenticity of the current series of Britain's Got Talent, which is meant to feature genuine hopefuls and semi-professional acts.

An insider said, “Scouting for talent on shows is nothing new but to actually be creating acts out of thin air is ridiculous.” BGT also issued a statement which read: “Contestants all have their own established talents. We support the production of their performance to help make it the best it can be for our stage.” This follows anger from viewers who believed there was favouritism when a contestant who received the Golden Buzzer turned out to be a pop star with previous ties to music executive Simon Cowell.