I used to ignore my father’s advice: Bobby Deol about being unhappy with Dharmendra’s second marriage with Hema Malini

The world felt their emotions when Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol appeared recently on Kapil Sharma's show The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix. Bobby spoke about the huge impact of his father's second marriage on him that had made him rebellious and he used to avoid all his father's advice.

Bobby was 11 years old when Dharmendra got married to Hema Malini, and he was extremely unhappy with this decision. "For years, I kept avoiding my parents. I used to ignore my father's words. Even though he used to explain things to me only for my own good, I had become blind and I was determined not to listen to his words. This was the time when our relationship was going through the worst phase."

Dharmendra and Hema celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary recently. The golden couple's pictures went viral and it was claimed that they got married for the second time. And even in this celebration, both the Deol brothers were missing, but the reason is only professional and not personal. Today they are extremely cordial with their father's second family.