Sonam Kapoor reveals gaining 32 kilos after birth of son Vaayu

In November 2022, Sonam and Anand Ahuja became parents to a son, Vaayu. The actress appeared on a podcast where she spoke about how she gained 32kgs and was traumatized by that! Sonam said that like most new moms, she was obsessed about her son, and neglected self-care. She reveals she did not bother about exercise or take proper diet. The actress shared, "It took me a year and a half. I took it really slow, you have to be slow because you have to adjust to the new you."

Sonam stated that life changes post pregnancy and that it alters relationship with oneself, and one's spouse. Sonam further said, "You are never going to feel the same about your body. I have always accepted myself for who I am and I was like I need to accept this version of myself."

Sonam shared that it took her 16 months to re-acquaint herself with her old self. She said she did it steadily without indulging in crash dieting or crazy workouts and was consistent in her efforts throughout. She said she is still far from her ideal body goals but almost there. Sonam shared that she is grateful for being healthy.