Adnan Siddiqui

Sometimes, the quietest moments speak volumes. In a world full of noise and chaos, it's the sound of silence that cuts through the clutter, making the loudest statement of all.


Zara Noor Abbas

Surkh gulabaan de mausam Vich

Amitabh Bachchan

Am honoured and privileged to be with the Thala the Great Rajni again .. he hasn’t changed at all .. the same simple humble down to earth friend despite his stratospheric greatness !!!

Maya Ali

Weekly recap in 10 attachments.

Thank you Faisalabad for the amazing hospitality and love.

Until next time Fsd.

Kartik Aaryan

If i was a cupcake what flavour would you like me to be

Will Smith

Willow WROTE A NOVEL! I am soooooo proud! #blackshieldmaiden

Judy Greer

Me every year during the Met Gala. Pretending to read a book. Pretending I don’t care that I’ve never been invited. But totally following the red carpet on my phone…

#metgala #metgala2024 #gardenoftime #metgalaredcarpet

Kim Kardashian

My baby! My sweet, smart, silly, independent baby boy turns 5 years old today! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be your mom! Your calm energy is much appreciated in our house hold lol. You prove you can be the hulk, spider man or an archeologist any day of the week! I’ve never met someone who sleeps more than you do and one day I will show you the entire photo album I’ve made of your sleeps! I love you so much always and forever