The seventh annual poetry gathering of Bazm-e-Shaero-Sukhan took place at the KMC Sports Complex in Karachi with the collaboration of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, attracting a notable audience. The venue, with over a thousand seats, was overcrowded with poetry enthusiasts. Latecomers even stood for the entire event just to listen to the proceedings. The event began at 10pm and continued until 2am without any breaks. Renowned poet, critic, scholar Professor Sehar Ansari presided over the event, while the distinguished poet Anwar Shaoor attended as a special guest. Dr. Amberin Hasib Amber and Shakil Khan efficiently fulfilled the responsibilities of organising the program.

One of the organisers of the event, Adeel Salim Jamalana, presented the opening speech, expressing gratitude to all poets and attendees for honouring the invitation and for all the respect and appreciation. The trusted General Secretary of the gathering, Ubaid Hashmi, presented the objectives and annual report to the gathering. In addition to the president and special guests, the poets who recited their works included Tariq Sabzwari, Wazahat Nasim, Javaid Saba, Rehana Roohi, Ajmal Saraj, Dr. Fiaz Waid, Salman Siddiqui, Abdul Hakim Nasif, Dr. Salman Sarwat, Dr. Amberin Hasib Amber, Safdar Ali Khan Insha, Farukh Azhar Siddiqui, Yaser Saeed Siddiqui, Sophia Zahid, Adeel Ahmed Adeel, and Aftab Masood. The poets also presented verses and pieces in the backdrop of the current situation in Palestine and Gaza.

Professor Sehar Ansari, in his presidential address, stated that these gatherings are the essence of our literary and cultural tradition, and it is our moral duty to show appreciation to the people and institutions who continue this practice. He shared that Bazm-e-Shaero-Sukhan is an active literary organisation of Karachi, under which besides annual gatherings, poetry sessions and literary events are also held regularly. Poets are specially invited to the programs held by the organisation. He said that although the number of poets and writers in the organisation is not significant, but its representatives are very keen to promote Urdu language and literature. He added that this gathering is a bearer of individuality in every respect.

Remarkable poets and discerning listeners made the night memorable. Former administrator of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman attended as a special guest and praised the efforts and services of Bazm-e-Shaero-Sukhan in promoting Urdu language and literature. Students from a local school presented the poetry of Hamayat Ali Shaer (late) and Rahat Andori (late) in their own style and received a warm applause. Golden trays were presented to all the poets for their service. At the end, Sheikh Tahir Sultan, President of Bazm-e-Shaero-Sukhan, expressed words of gratitude. Dinner arrangements were also made for all participants at the end of the function.