• 18 May - 24 May, 2024
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The year 2022 brought us some particularly funky-sounding beauty trends. Have a look at the following trends that were literally everywhere, whenever we opened up any app and strongly stood around the whole year.


• Skin Cycling

I love that we are talking more about skin cycling. It has been around for many years, but the catchy name and TikTok endorsement have put it at the forefront of beauty trends, and it is actually good for your skin. Remember this: treatment steps like AHAs, BHA, and retinol activate your skin and make it work – Dr. Heather D. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Doctor Rogers Skin Care.

• Moisturising Ingredients

I have been loving how popular ceramides and niacinamides have been this year. I think they are great ingredients to have in your arsenal, especially if your skin tends to be sensitive – Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Facialist, Founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Skincare.

• Subtle Lip Filler

I’m also excited about the movement toward beautiful subtle lip filler and the move away from big formless sausage lips. It’s all about finding someone with a light hand and understanding the underlying anatomy of the lips who can select the right injectable for you – Dr. Heather D. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Doctor Rogers Skin Care.

• More Love for Natural-Looking Lips

I am loving the shift from the Kylie Jenner lip to “your lips but better” lips. I am happy that patients are no longer asking to be overfilled. The new lip fillers and injection techniques that have emerged onto the scene yield much more natural, soft, and defined lips – SkinSpirit Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Hillary Mills.

• A Big Year for SPF

The movement toward the daily application of sunscreen made huge progress this year. Everyone is talking about what an essential step it is against the onslaught of aging, and they are right! 90% of aging comes from the sun, so why not stop that from happening in the first place? – Dr. Heather D. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Doctor Rogers Skin Care.


• Graphic Liner

And glitter! I’ve been known to wear both to workouts and soccer practices – Casey Georgeson, Founder and CEO of Saint Jane Beauty.


• Expensive Brunette

Hailey Bieber really inspired so many people to go darker with their hair colour, going the Expensive Brunette route which felt so modern and fresh – Jason Lee, Hairstylist, Colorist, and Founder of Mela & Kera

• The “Skinification” of Hair

It’s been my philosophy as a hairstylist throughout my career. There’s unfortunately been a significant increase in the amount of hair breakage and premature hair loss, but the consumer has become increasingly educated and aware of the ingredients in their hair care – Wendy Iles, Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Iles Formula.

• Layers

I loved seeing layers make a strong return with shags and ‘mullet-silhouettes’ in all hair textures signaling the return of the ‘haircut’ which had gone silent for so many years. We haven’t been this adventurous with haircuts since the 90s – Jason Lee, Hairstylist, Colourist, and Founder of Mela & Kera.