Shoaib Akhtar, child vlogger Shiraz bond over cricket in adorable meet-up

In a heartwarming rendezvous that bridged generations of cricket enthusiasts, Pakistan’s youngest vlogger Muhammad Shiraz, famed for his Shirazi Village Vlogs, had the unique opportunity to meet one of Pakistan's cricketing icons, Shoaib Akhtar.

Shiraz had previously declared Akhtar to be his favourite cricketer. Shortly after, the man himself invited the five-year-old to meet him at his house. Shiraz shared the exciting encounter on his YouTube channel in a video titled “I met Shoaib Akhtar, the fastest bowler in the world”.

In a lighthearted moment, the young vlogger noted, “You bowl very dangerously. I saw you hitting the wickets.” Responding with a smile, Akhtar described how his iconic bowling moves came to be. “Wickets were never my target. I would consider the batsmen my wickets so I would hit them.” Reflecting on his own cricketing journey, he went on to recall his early encounters with the sport, including an anecdote involving former Prime Minister Imran Khan's interest in recruiting him at the age of 19.

“I got into cricket because of Imran Khan,” Akhtar admitted. “I thought I would play with him but he retired. He was the one who selected me when I was 19 at a camp. This was in 1994. No one listened to him so I got in the game much later.”