Naimal Khawar laughs at the unsolicited parenting advice

Naimal Khawar found herself the unwitting recipient of parenting advice from a young childless individual, who appeared on hand with his parenting tips when Naimal’s son was mid-tantrum.

“At an event, our little one decided to throw a tantrum fit,” wrote Naimal on her Instagram story. “Now this random guy, who’s 19 at most, is giving me chup karanay kay mashwaray (advice to soothe my baby) I’ve never heard of [followed by a crying with laughter emoji]. Brother, seriously?”

She is by no means the only woman – or, indeed, the only woman celebrity – to have been unwittingly schooled in parenting. In 2019, former tennis star Sania Mirza got involved in a heated X spat with actress Veena Malik after a video circulated online showing Sania, her then-husband cricketer Shoaib Malik, their nine-month-old son and the Pakistan cricket team at a party. The video, which had been shot in the midst of the cricket World Cup, had prompted Veena to go online and take Sania to task for allowing her son in a “i sheesha place”. Sania fired back a tweet in response. “I have not taken my kid to a sheesha place,” she wrote back. “Not that it’s your or any of the world’s business because I care about my son a lot more than anyone else does.”