My biggest achievements are not my international roles: Abrarul Haq reacts to Mishi Khan's call-out

Abrarul Haq has crafted the perfect comeback for Mishi Khan. The singer had recently made headlines following the revelation that he had declined a role with Katrina Kaif. So amused was Mishi that the actress felt compelled to voice her feelings on her Instagram handle, sardonically calling Abrar’s statement “the joke of the year”.

It was an attack on his dignity that Abrar was not prepared to take lying down, it seems. Releasing a video statement in response, Abrar claimed that Mishi’s shock was a symptom of what she herself classified as achievements. “Yes, I was definitely offered a role in a Bollywood movie with Katrina Kaif playing the role of a Pakistani singer,” clarified Abrar. “And some people made a mockery of what I said, saying that I had gone mad after leaving my political party. I find that really sad.”

In Abrar’s view, an offer from Bollywood was not the cause for celebration it might be for others. “Some people may drop dead if they receive a Bollywood offer. But not me. My biggest achievements are not my international roles. Rather, my biggest achievements are the things I have done to help people,” said the singer-cum-philanthropist.