Mawra Hocane is a doting aunt to Aara, says ‘she has brought so much happiness into our lives’

In a recent interview, Mawra Hocane got candid about the happenings in life, including the arrival of her niece, Jahan Aara Saeed. When asked about the joy of being an aunt to her sister Urwa’s daughter, Mawra's eyes sparkled with affection. "It’s lovely! It’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve never felt like this before," she gushed. Reflecting on her initial moments with the baby, the actress shared, “Holding her for the first time was very overwhelming. I couldn’t believe it so I kept looking at her and Urwa.” “You know, Urwa and I always say to each other now that we have a third girlfriend now,” she beamed. Amidst the joy of embracing her new role as an aunt, Mawra reassured that her bond with her sister remains unbreakable. She affectionately expressed, “I love Aara but Urwa is my heart, I love her the most.” When asked if she has a special name for her beloved niece, Mawra disclosed she tenderly calls her “Aaru Paaru”. However, she has no preference as to what Aara should call her. Mawra underscored her close bond with Aara and stated, “She has brought so much happiness into our lives. The joy we are experiencing right now, both families, we didn’t know we were capable of this.”