Letters To The Editor

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
– Thomas Edison


With the start of the winter season, the shortage of natural gas in Karachi, the largest city of the country, has gone from bad to worse. It is no more a case of load shedding; it is a simple case of shutdown. There are days when gas is not supplied even for an hour. This has made cooking an impossible task. And, of course, it goes without saying that the geysers are no more functional.

The last four to five years were horrific in terms of economic hardships during which poverty increased exponentially. Owing to such economic woes, the common man not struggles to feed the family. The ‘lucky’ common man, who somehow manages to earn enough to put food on table, is unable to have the meal cooked as there is no gas being supplied by the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC). It is almost impossible to buy gas cylinders as they are too costly for the common man to afford.

Our families are falling sick due to change in weather. Now when we need hot water, we cannot have it because there is no gas supply. This is what is happening in a city that is keeping the wheels of national economy running.



The ongoing genocide in Gaza has pained even Jew and Christian communities around the world. It is quite clear that the West has left the Muslim world far behind in condemning the atrocities being committed by the Zionist regime in Israel, and in calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The governments in the West have been seen feeling the heat that has been generated by consistent public protests. The governments in the Muslim world have no such pressure on them.

The story of persecution, mass murder and deportation of German Jews during World War II is nothing compared to the genocide that has been perpetrated in Gaza by Israel, the United States and their allies in the West. Together, they have converted Gaza into a graveyard through relentless bombardment. And they have not stopped yet. This surely calls for natural justice and open trial of Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu and others involved in this heinous crime against humanity.

It is time to make all the shady characters face justice by holding an open trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity to ensure that such things never happen again, and to ensure that liberty, freedom and fundamental rights of every citizen living across the globe are protected under international law.