Introduction ceremony of Farah Iqbal's collection of poetry "Ajeeb Si Chup"

"The residents of Shahrah-e-Quaid have demonstrated uniqueness in terms of global literary events; no other example can be found. The international literary event held in Karachi on April 20 has set a new milestone in literary history, credited entirely to the organizer, the distinguished Mahmood Ahmad Khan. Now, he has decided to expand the scope of 'Residents of Shahrah-e-Quaid.' Alongside international literary events, arrangements will be made for literary and poetic gatherings, book launches, and evenings to honor senior poets. Mahmood Ahmad Khan inaugurated this series with an event held last Sunday at the Union Club, featuring the renowned Pakistani poet residing in America, Farah Iqbal's third collection of poetry, "Ajeeb Si Chup." The event saw a remarkable turnout of participants.