How Om Puri made Adnan Shah Tipu decide against quitting Hollywood film

Adnan Shah Tipu has worked across multiple entertainment industries, including Pakistan, Bollywood, and Hollywood. Recently, during an appearance on a talk show, Tipu delved into the often-discussed topic of the wage gap between Hollywood and Bollywood productions. When asked which project had offered him the highest pay, the actor confidently said, “Hollywood.” Expanding on this revelation, the Bakhtawar star shared, “I was paid much more for just two scenes in a Hollywood project than for an entire Bollywood film,” he disclosed. He also revealed, “My wife and I were accommodated in a seven-star hotel, and they covered our business-class flight tickets.”

During the same talk show, Adnan was asked to reflect on his experience working with the acclaimed Bollywood actor, Om Puri. “I think he is one of the finest actors I have seen working in front of me,” Tipu remarked. “I was arguing with the director, saying I represent Pakistani culture and the way it’s being portrayed is wrong. I told the director maybe they’re mistaking Pakistani culture for Indian culture,” Tipu explained. His commitment to cultural authenticity led him to consider quitting the project, however, Puri intervened. “Om Puri persuaded me to remain part of the project, which turned out to be a good decision,” he said.