Knew this marriage was a mistake within first 10 minutes: Nadia Khan opens up on divorce

In a candid and emotionally charged appearance on a talk show, actress and host Nadia Khan dove into the deeply personal topic of her divorce, shedding light on her decade-long struggle to salvage a marriage that she knew was a mistake from the outset.

Reflecting on her tumultuous past, she revealed, “When my friends would discuss their marriages with me, I would ask them, ‘Is he a good father? If yes, then bear it.’ When I’d hear a bad father, I would say leave your husband." As per the celeb, the fault was a fundamental incompatibility that plagued her relationship. Nadia acknowledged, "We were two very nice people but our temperaments never matched. We were both very different."

Addressing the inevitable question of why she didn't leave sooner, she remarked, "People ask that if a marriage wasn’t working from day one, why didn’t you leave earlier? I say that leaving someone is very easy. Give us credit that we tried to make it work for so long." Nadia further elaborated, "I knew that this marriage was a mistake within the first 10 minutes. I still spent 10 years because I couldn’t rid myself of the whole ‘divorce’ stigma. I gave it everything to make it work.”