Ayeza Khan posts in support of Palestine amidst calls for celeb boycott

As Israeli brutalities against Palestinians continue to intensify, social media’s role in raising awareness for the cause is undeniable. Pakistani celebrities, too, have long been a part of a digital campaign adamant on generating traction for Palestine-related posts. Actress-model Ayeza Khan, who previously landed in hot waters for not posting about Israel’s apartheid regime, took to her Instagram handle to express solidarity with the cause.

Ayeza shared an image with the caption, “Always in our hearts. Always in our thoughts. Free Palestine.” Aiman Muneeb also joined the digital protest against unrelenting Israeli violence against Palestinians and posted an image of the Palestinian flag with the message, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. Praying for our brothers and sisters.” This wave of support comes amid broader protests and public demonstrations in Pakistan, where hundreds have marched to show solidarity with Palestinians, emphasising the deep-rooted connection and empathy felt across the nation.