Brad Pitt trained for months to drive F1 car in upcoming film

Brad Pitt was trained for ‘four or five months’ to drive a F1 car, revealed by Jerry Bruckheimer to People at the premiere of Young Woman and the Sea at Los Angeles. "He trained for four or five months. He's an amazing driver," said the producer of the movie. "In fact, some of the F1 drivers said he's a natural athlete. He really is. He's amazing in that car," continued Bruckheimer. When asked how fast Pitt has been driving, Bruckheimer responded, "I can't tell you. The insurance company will kill me."

Pitt along with Javier Bardem and Damson Idris is starring in the upcoming film. The Babylon actor is playing a retired F1 driver who wants to mentor and team up with a leading star. Pitt was recently spotted in a racing suit with real-life F1 drivers at the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone race track in Northamptonshire, U.K. “I’ve got to say it’s just great to be here,” he had shared. “We’re just having such a laugh, time of my life,” the actor added. The movie title is yet to be revealed.