Sonu Sood raises INR 17 crore for infant in Jaipur

In a remarkable display of philanthropy, actor Sonu Sood has successfully led a crowdfunding initiative to procure the world's costliest medical injection, valued at INR 17 crore, to save the life of a young child in Jaipur. The 22-month-old was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, a rare genetic disorder. The campaign quickly gained momentum, securing INR 9 crore in just three months, reflecting the collective effort of various societal segments.

Sood, known for his humanitarian endeavours, has been instrumental in similar fundraising efforts in the past, contributing to the survival of approximately nine individuals facing medical crises. The campaign reached its financial goal in an impressively brief period, directly resulting in the preservation of the infant's life. This act of generosity reaffirms Sood's dedication to humanitarian service and solidifies his reputation as a national hero.