Man waiting for last paycheck from old job gets $915 in oiled pennies instead

  • 25 May - 31 May, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A Georgia man received quite an unpleasant surprise on his driveway recently after asking his former employer for his final paycheck, according to his girlfriend. Andreas Flaten was shocked to find $915 worth of oily pennies on his driveway, four months after he left his job at Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City, according to an Instagram post from Flaten's girlfriend Olivia Oxley. Oxley tells PEOPLE that the pennies were the exact same amount that her boyfriend's final paycheck was worth. She believes his former boss, Miles Walker, was behind the stunt after Flaten complained about the delay in receiving his money. Oxley wrote in her Instagram post that Flaten allegedly provided his boss with a written resignation letter and two weeks' notice back in November. Though he had intentions of working his last two weeks, Flaten ended up leaving after five days because his boss was allegedly treating him very poorly. Three months later, Flaten still hadn't received his final paycheck — and when he contacted Walker, the boss allegedly refused "to send out the last paycheck claiming damages to the shop." Flaten later called Georgia's Department of Labour to complain about the situation, and things escalated from there. "Once the word 'lawyer' was introduced, this is what he did," Oxley wrote in her post beside a video showing the massive pile of oily pennies on their driveway. Flaten and Oxley have since scooped the pennies into a large wheelbarrel and are currently working to clean them so Flaten can cash them in.