What am I going to tell God: Hania Aamir ‘scared’ of the fame she has

Sitting down with the BBC Asian Network, Hania Aamir discussed her commitment to making a difference, her foray into Netflix, and her battles with makeup artists fixated on hair extensions. However, the most important thing to Hania is to use her fame in a way that has a lasting impact. Having long been a champion of mental health, the actress has been openly vulnerable on social media, paving the way for her followers to look inward.

“I post openly about mental health so that other people don’t have to go through it,” said Hania in earnest. “People should know that remedies that are out there. Mental health has been such a taboo for such a long time, but slowly that is changing.”

For Hania, knowing that she is making a difference and spreading joy is what keeps her going. “I get scared of the fame I have,” she confessed and added, “When I meet God, what am I going to tell Him? That I posted pretty pictures and made a lot of money? It doesn’t sit well with me. All I want is to have a positive impact and make people laugh. That’s it.”