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“Who was Tariq Yasar?”

“He was a saint, a God fearing and a God loving person”

“Where is he now?”

“He has passed away, leaving behind his two sons”

“Were his sons as nice as he was?”

“No, they weren’t. But the two loved their father very much. Especially the younger one”

“What was so exceptionally great about Tariq Yasar?”

“He was a dream interpreter, and so was his father Yasar Kainat”

“What kind of dream interpreters were they?”

“When people used to share their dreams, they used to make assumptions only when they were one hundred percent sure about their predictions”

“Those were prophecies?”


“How would you define a prophesy?”

“A prediction that could have been wrong according to them, but in reality they were always true”

“True or accurate?”

“I would say true”

“True but not accurate?”

“One hundred percent accurate, further interpretations of those prophecies by their descendants were wrong at times”

“So what were Tariq Yasar’s predictions?”

“He predicted the mischief that was about to come, in his family”

“Mischief? You mean family disputes?”

“Not just family disputes, something worse”


“The two brothers Rizwan and Hannan, they were torn apart”

“Was money involved?”

“Surprisingly there was none. There was some property involved but the dispute was not based on this”

“The two brothers, did they ever reunite?”

“Everyone wanted them to, but…”

“But what?”

“The ending of their story was not a happy one, not according to me”

“Not according to you?”

“Yes, I wanted something more”

“So, can you tell me about why the two brothers broke away?”

v v v


It was an early afternoon, but the clouds made it look like an evening. Four men followed by a group of several men were carrying a coffin on their shoulders and were walking towards a grave. A crowd of several men was following them and they were literally uncountable.

A whole crowd of women was standing at some distance, most of them had worn white suits and almost all of them were weeping. Some were crying really desperately and some were crying just silently. The comments that were being passed made everyone even more upset:

“He was a saint”

“He was the only person who feared God and made us realize about life after death”

“And now he’s gone too”

“His death is a tragedy. Now there won’t be any hope on this land”

As one woman spoke this, plenty of other women standing in front of them turned and looked at them. They all paid attention to the conversation of two women:

“You are saying that there won’t be any hope?”

“That’s true because he was the only person who had weight in his words”

“What does that mean?”

“What do you think that means?”

“I want you to clarify that”

“Well this means that now there is no one to stop the troubles and disputes of the family”

“There are disputes in this family?”

“There aren’t yet, but there are going to be”

“How can you be so sure?”

“There were predictions”

“What kind of predictions?”

“These predictions were made by Tariq Yasar himself”

“That there would be disputes in this family?”

“Disputes is not enough to define it, you should call it mischief”

“Mischief? You mean a long lasting mischief”


The women listening to the conversation were quite agitated and wanted to hear more but they turned back as they heard some noise. A tree near the graveyard had unexpectedly fallen down. One of the women standing ahead commented:

“She was right, the bad time has begun”

Near the grave, an average heighted guy with slightly long hair was standing. Someone called him out:


He turned and looked at his relative and uttered:


“It’s time to pour sand over your father’s grave”

“Ok” Rizwan replied not showing any sign of grief.

Another guy of the same height but fairer complexion came to the spot and uttered while crying:

“I’ll do it”

Rizwan looked at his brother who was crying a lot, so he tried to console him:

“Its ok Hannan, he’s at a better place now”

Hannan kept on weeping helplessly. Although it was time for them to move towards the grave and pay their last tribute, Rizwan held his brother tightly and hugged him. Hannan began to cry even more and heard his brother saying:

“It will be ok, we’ll continue his legacy, we won’t let his teachings die”

Hannan was helplessly crying but he tried to calm himself down trying to suppress his feelings.

“Let’s go” Rizwan said to him while letting him go.

A small crowd of relatives was looking at the two brothers where one of them appeared really upset and one appeared quite stable.

“Lets do it Hannan” Rizwan said to his brother while tapping his shoulder.

The two brothers walked towards the grave and slowly made their way to the spot. Rizwan was not too upset but Hannan began to cry again as he saw his father’s coffin.

Other relatives came from behind and supported Hannan as he was about to fall backwards. Rizwan felt a bit upset for his brother but then changed his direction and looked at his father’s coffin.

Next day’s afternoon, Rizwan was sitting upset in his house thinking about his father, but he was more upset about his brother who was not able to gain control over himself.

I don’t understand he spoke to himself, I just don’t understand, why he’s so upset. I mean I am upset but he seems to be so deeply attached. We all were expecting this sooner or later, but he appears to be broken down like a shattered glass.

He saw his servant walking by, he stopped him and said:

“Can you please see if he’s in the room?”

“Who?” the servant asked.


“Hannan? He wasn’t there in the first place”

“What? He didn’t return?”

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday” the servant answered.

Rizwan stood up immediately and walked towards the room where he was expecting that his brother might be.

As he opened the door through the doorknob, he called out:

“Hannan? Are you here?”

There was no response from the other end. He called out again:

“Hello? Are you here?”

He was stunned, so he walked inside and turned on the lights. As he pressed the switch and the lights turned on, he looked around and there was literally no sign of his brother. He went out and asked his servant:

“Where would he be?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking you must be aware about his where abouts”

“No, how would i? I returned alone”

“Ok, so what must we do now?”

“I just want you to go back and see if he’s there”

“Go back? Where?”

“To the graveyard?”

“Yes, please. We need to find him”

“Why don’t you page him?” the servant asked.

“His pager is over here, at the living room. He has kept it off since the demise of our father”

“Alright I’m leaving”

Rizwan felt a bit relieved for few seconds then he remembered some chore and walked towards his own room.

One hour later, Rizwan entered inside the living room and saw his brother Hannan sitting there. He sighed with relief and asked:

“Oh dear, where have you been?”

Hannan didn’t respond and kept on sitting as if he heard nothing. Rizwan asked:

“Hannan I’m asking you, where have you been? You had me really scared”

Hannan moved a bit and looked up at his brother but then closed his eyes again. Rizwan came closer and then sat next to him. He asked politely:

“Where were you? At the grave yard?”

Hannan nodded and then spoke:

“I can’t believe he’s gone”

“I know it hurts Hannan, but we need to pull ourselves together and be strong, like we were before”

“No Rizwan, I can’t. I mean I really loved him and now I feel that my existence does not really matter”

“You can’t think like that Hannan, we have to expand his legacy. We have to teach others, his teachings”

“No Rizwan, I can’t. He’s gone, I feel everything’s over”

Rizwan didn’t speak as he wasn’t able to respond. He then spoke after several seconds:

“You and I are burning together on this”

“I don’t think he passed away naturally. There is something suspicious”

“What do you mean?”

“He did not die, he was murdered”

“Oh come on, how could you think like that”

“I have to, I can’t take this matter lightly”

Rizwan held his forehead for a while getting a bit stressed, and then spoke after several seconds:

“Alright Hannan, do what you like. Do whatever that satisfies you but I want you to understand that no one can be as good as our father, he had no rivalries and literally nothing against anyone. So, I personally believe that there can be no one who would be happy to see him dead”

“What if he had opponents and he never told us?”

“That’s not possible” Rizwan replied. “He’d never hide anything from us”

“And what makes you think that?”

Rizwan was speechless for a while. Hannan continued:

“Matters of money are not there I understand, but there can always be some other rivalries”

“I don’t know Hannan, he was at his home and he had a suffocation issue, that’s what we’ve all been told”

Hannan finally changed his sitting position and sat straight. Rizwan waited for him to respond. Hannan spoke showing fury in his eyes:

“It definitely means that someone from inside the house was involved in this then”

“No Hannan, you don’t have to think like that. Our father never really liked suspecting others”

“I don’t care, I can’t let injustice happen to that self less soul”

Their house’ phone began to ring, Rizwan stood up and went to answer the call. Hannan kept on sitting like this until Rizwan came back after few minutes. Rizwan spoke while standing at the room’s door:

“Uncle Taha has called us”


“I just talked to him, he was saying that there is something important that he wants to share with us”

“Like what?”

“Well he was talking about something like prophecies”


“Yes, our father made some predictions regarding our future and he believed that he was absolutely helpless about it”

“I don’t get it, prophesies based on what? The dreams?”

“Yes, exactly”

“Oh I see” Hannan replied getting interested.

“Yeah, and I believe that we must go and meet him. He’ll provide us plenty of information that we have no idea of”

Hannan gave it a little thought and then spoke after a moment:

“Alright let’s go”

Half an hour later, the two brothers were sitting at the house with no lights, although the fans were turned. Someone came holding two lanterns, Rizwan looked at him and guessed that it was his Mr. Taha. As his face was visible, Rizwan realized that he was someone else.

“Mr. Taha is coming” the man spoke.

That unknown guy left the room. Rizwan was waiting until he heard his brother saying:

“I am here to find the clue”

“Clue? Regarding what?”

“My beloved father’s murderer”

“Oh for God’s sake Hannan, please think out of this for now. Mr. Taha was a very respected friend of our father and this kind of attitude would not please him”

“I won’t displease him, I’ll just ask him nicely”

“No Hannan, you’re not allowed to, not today”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m your elder brother, you have to leave this meeting to me, please I’m asking politely, please don’t do anything inappropriate”

That very moment, Mr. Taha, an aged person came and greeted them. The two brothers greeted back and then Rizwan asked him:

“So can we begin?”

“Yes, just give me a moment”

Mr. Taha brightened the two lanterns and then asked:

“So do you want to know about your father’s prophecies?”

“Yes” Rizwan answered.

“Well in that case, let me clarify first that I don’t know about any of your father’s prophesies, but I do know that he had a diary”

“A diary?”

“It was not his own diary, it was written by his close friend Umar. That diary is with him, your father made interpretations on dreams and he noted those down”

“What were those prophecies? I mean were they harsh?”

“Yes, they were very horrifying. I’m sorry but you guys won’t be pleased to learn them”

“Can you give us a little idea?” Hannan asked.

“I can only tell you that a really dark period is about to come”

to be continued...