Yumna Zaidi-starrer Nayab wins big at Cannes

In a groundbreaking achievement for the Pakistani entertainment industry, the film Nayab, directed by Umair Nasir Ali and starring Yumna Zaidi and Usama Khan, has garnered significant accolades at Cannes this year. The movie earned the titles of 'Best Foreign Film' and 'Best First-Time Filmmaker' in the feature film category at the World Film Festival in Cannes, marking a historic milestone for Pakistani cinema on the global stage.

Taking to Instagram, Yumna shared images of the triumph. Alongside the pictures, the star wrote, "Nayab, my real star. Congratulations to the entire family of Nayab." The beloved actor then individually tagged all those to whom she wished to convey her regards for the monumental win.

The sports drama centres on a young cricket enthusiast named Nayab, portrayed by Yumna, who, despite facing familial opposition and societal constraints, strives to pursue her passion for cricket.