Iqra is the superstar, I’m just an actor: Yasir Hussain

Prepare to melt in your seats: Yasir Hussain just made the sweetest declaration about his wife, Iqra Aziz, during an appearance on the Ahmad Ali Butt Show. Both, Yasir and Iqra are celebrated for their acting prowess in Pakistani dramas, but Yasir revealed that their relationship, often perceived as tricky due to their shared profession, is actually smooth sailing. The secret? Iqra is the superstar, while Yasir humbly considers himself just an actor. "Wherever we travel, whether it’s America, Canada, or the Middle East, she has fans there, from every corner of the world," he explained. "That is what the superstar quality is, that so many people around the world recognise what a talented actor you are."

The Karachi Se Lahore actor also delved into their recent collaboration, a drama titled Aik Thi Laila, in which he both, directed and acted alongside Iqra. When asked about the dynamics of directing his wife, Yasir couldn’t help but praise Iqra's professionalism and ease on set. "She’s very easygoing on set. She’s not like other heroines, she doesn’t have tantrums or take ages in makeup like others. She’s extremely easy to direct because whatever direction you give her, she immediately understands," he shared.