Go BIg or go home

When it comes to decorating, the minimalist look most notably known for its stark walls, serene colour schemes, and clean, simple lines has peaked. And that's good news for those of us who are starved for maximalist inspired interiors brimming with colour and pattern. But here's the thing – maximalism isn't about filling every square inch in your home with stuff. It is more about the art of combining colours, prints, and eclectic embellishments. To help you master the modern take on the more-is-more look, we gathered chic inspirations to decorate your home the maximalist way.

Bring an artistic touch to your home by adding printed chairs and cozy up your space while giving it an instant refresh.

Take the maximalist approach and add a unique timepiece to your living room, like this one in colourful stripes.

Maxi style interiors are full of antique items with a touch of gold. Such things give the place an individual character. The more eccentric, the better. 

Bold artwork is the most prominent design feature of maximalism.

Nothing says luxury like these pendant lighting fixtures.

Maximalists just love displaying their favourite things.