Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s ‘Diane von Furstenberg: A Woman In Charge’ opens Tribeca Festival

Filmmaker Chinoy and co-director Trish Dalton headlined the opening night of the 2024 Tribeca Festival in New York City with the world premiere of Diane von Furstenberg: Woman In Charge.

Obaid-Chinoy delved into how she explored the life of the fashion designer in her documentary. “DVF – Woman In Charge has been a nearly three-year journey,” she stated. “In telling Diane’s story, we are celebrating the life of an icon who's always danced to her own tune.”

Shedding light on how the documentary unfolds, Obaid-Chinoy gave a brief overview of the designer’s career, along with the hurdles she faced. “She started her business in an era when women had to rely on men to vouch for them financially – to cosign for credit cards. She has fallen down and picked herself up countless times.” The film dives deep into von Furstenberg's remarkable career, from the creation of the iconic wrap dress in 1974 – a design that continues to flatter women of all shapes and sizes – to her ongoing role as a cultural icon.