Swara Bhasker body-shamed by a news outlet, sparks debate on the internet

Swara Bhasker recently addressed an article from a prominent Hindi newspaper that body-shamed her and suggested her weight gain was the reason she wasn't getting film roles. Sharing a screenshot of the article's tweet on her Instagram Stories, Swara criticised the publication.

She penned, "For those who cannot read the Devanagari script, this is a leading Hindi newspaper handle that thinks it is newsworthy that a recent mom, who birthed a child a few months ago, put on weight! Can someone please explain the physiology of childbirth to the geniuses..." The original tweet claimed that due to her weight gain, Swara is not getting work.

For those not in the know, Swara married politician Fahad Ahmed in January last year, and welcomed their baby girl, Raabiyaa, on September 23, 2023.