Sheer Khurma

  • 15 Jun - 21 Jun, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 500 ml full cream milk

· 50 g vermicelli, roasted

· ¼ cup sugar

· 2 tablespoons dates, chopped

· ¼ cup raisins

· ¼ cup almonds (cut into pieces), blanched

· ¼ cup pistachios

· ¼ cup ghee

· ½ teaspoon saffron

· ½ teaspoon cardamom powder


Take a pan and pour ghee in it. Add almonds, raisins and pistachios to it. Sauté well. Now in another hot pan with ghee, add vermicelli. Roast well. In another wide pan simmer the milk till it thickens, add sugar and simmer again. Add the roasted vermicelli and dry fruits along with dates and saffron. Mix well till simmer. Add cardamom powder. Bring to simmer. Serve chilled, garnished with dates.