It is satisfying to know I played a role in Hania Aamir's career: Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq sat down with host Ahmad Ali Butt on his podcast to shed light on the joys of working in production. Five years after embarking on her theatre career, Hareem realised she had reached what she terms a “saturation point”. “I found myself asking, what’s next?” “Next” turned out to be Hareem’s entry into the dazzling world of television. “It’s about your comfort level, you see,” explained the actor-turned-producer noted. “I don’t like to restrict myself. I will work wherever I am comfortable.” Soon after, Hareem ventured into production. Her debut film as producer Janaan surpassed her own wildest expectations, and also kickstarted the career of yet another one of television’s hottest names: Hania Aamir. Glowing with pride at having personally watched Hania blossom, Hareem added, “It gives me such satisfaction to know that I have had a hand in getting her where she is. People have given me much more than I deserve. Being in production is my way of giving back to the world!”