Below-the-belt behaviour: Aijaz Aslam claps back at trolls body shaming Azam Khan

As cricket lovers’ emotions run high with the Men’s T20 World Cup in full swing, Aijaz Aslam addressed a recent exhibit of a troubling phenomenon: body shaming. Witnessing the online trolls chasing cricketer Azam Khan, Aijaz argued how body shaming is pure vitriol, not criticism.

Taking to his Instagram Story, the veteran actor expressed his disappointment over the personal attacks directed at the young athlete. "Why are people body shaming Azam Khan? It’s not understandable and it’s a very below-the-belt behaviour from many," Aijaz wrote. He emphasised that while criticism is a natural part of sports, it should be focused on performance rather than personal appearance.

He said, "Criticism is part of the game but we can criticise his performance without resorting to body shaming." The 25-year-old cricketer has been a subject of harsh scrutiny over what many insist is a poor performance this T20 season, dragging his physique into the mix as well. Furthering on, Aijaz highlighted, "He’s a young man and such negativity puts undue pressure and stress on his mental health."