Letters To The Editor

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Students should take full advantage of technology

Digital era has opened several avenues for growth for everyone. It is up to a person how they took full advantage of it. We are lucky to have a plethora of electronic devices and gadgets at our disposal but unfortunately most of the time it has been misused.

The youth, mainly, are clueless as to how they can use technology for the welfare of society. Most of the time electronic devices have been used to kill the time. Youngsters play games, listen music or involve in other unhealthy activities but hardly anyone of them uses it for educational purposes.

There are tons of tutorial available online that can make the process of learning easier for students.

Technology can allow students to learn through direct instruction, video streaming, podcasting, project-based learning, adaptive algorithm-based software, and more.

The timing and quality of learning feedback are critical for growth to happen. Students can also make choices about what types of activities they want to use and therefore are more empowered in their learning and can self-direct. If you give some of the control and leave the decision-making to students to choose how to show what they have learned, or let them design their own homework assignment, they have the chance to be more empowered and build momentum that can endure after the unit is over.

Shamim Ahmed,

Tree Plantation is need of the hour

We all know that a tree is the best friend of man on earth. It is one of the greatest resources on earth. As tree plantation ease the breathing process is it rightfully called ‘lungs of the earth.’ Life on earth would cease to exist in the absence of trees. Trees are responsible for sustaining the environment in several ways.

Trees release life-supporting oxygen and absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis. They act as sponges by taking in toxic emissions and other pollutants, released into the atmosphere by industries and vehicles. The roots of trees bind the soil together thereby preventing erosion. The blatant and increased rate of deforestation is the primary cause of landslides. In addition to being the bearers of delicious fruits, they are the natural habitat of several species of animals, birds, and insects. Thus, the destruction of a tree implies the destruction of an entire ecosystem.

We have inherited this planet with its many resources, from our ancestors. The onus rests on us to protect the earth’s fragile ecosystem, so that future generations have a place they can call home. It is indeed ironic that despite being at the top of the food chain Homo Sapiens are intent on destroying the very things that guarantee their survival. However, there is a silver lining. The situation can be remedied by restoring the earth’s green cover and taking concrete measures to reduce carbon emissions. Let’s all take a vow to go green and save the earth from destruction.

Habiba Khalid,