You deserve this: Ayeza Khan supports Hania Aamir being Pakistan’s most-followed celeb

In a delightful display of women empowering women, Ayeza Khan and Hania Aamir exchanged a heartwarming series of compliments, celebrating the latter’s new milestone as the most-followed Pakistani actress on Instagram. Hania recently dethroned Ayeza, reaching an impressive 14.1 million followers, surpassing the latter's 14 million. Despite this shift in social media reign, there’s no hint of rivalry between these leading ladies.
In a graceful gesture, Ayeza congratulated the Mere Humsafar star on her achievement by posting the news on her Instagram story. "Congratulations Hania. You deserve this, babes," she wrote, adding a series of supportive emojis.
Hania, touched by the acknowledgment from her esteemed colleague, reposted the story and responded with equal warmth, calling the Jaan-e-Jahan actress her inspiration. “You are the undisputed queen of absolutely everything,” Hania wrote and continued, “Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’ll continue to do for this industry, and for inspiring everyone, including me, who wants to be a brilliant actor like you.” The mutual admiration didn’t stop there. Hania added a heartfelt note, “And a big, big thank you for being your amazing positive self.” Ayeza, ever the epitome of grace, replied, “Just stay the way you are always.”