If we can’t even speak about Palestine, then what’s our use as human beings: Kubra Khan

In an interview actress Kubra Khan, fresh off the big screen with her new Eidul Azha release, Abhi, spoke about Palestine as she sat down with Independent Urdu.
The star went on to address the reason why she stopped giving interviews after Jannat Se Aagay was released. “I’ve become an introverted person in the last few years. Giving interviews is very daunting for me, that’s why I run from them. Many times, when you say something, it gets misconstrued as something else. And when people have an opinion, it takes a lot to change it.” Addressing the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Kubra expressed her deepest sorrows for what Palestinians are going through. “I don’t understand how I’m sitting here giving an interview while an entire nation is being wiped out in front of our eyes. I’m not saying to stop living your life, work has to go on, and I’m not saying to take extreme measures, but the least you can do is condemn the actions, you can talk about it, so people are made aware of the situation,” said the actress. “Did you know it’s been around 150 days of this genocide and there are still people out there who don’t know what’s going on in Palestine. This is killing our humanity. If we can’t even speak about it, then what’s our use as human beings?” Kubra concluded.