He gave us the most beautiful childhood: Mahira Khan pens heartfelt tribute for her late Mamu

In a touching and heartfelt note, Mahira Khan took to Instagram to honour the memory of her beloved uncle, Akber Khan, who passed away three weeks ago. The Raees star shared her sorrow and fond memories alongside a series of old photographs of the two.

"My one and my only Mamu. It's hard to imagine that my handsome, larger-than-life Mamu is no more," Mahira began. "I've heard all Mamus are special, but it feels like mine was the most special." Mahira continued by reminiscing about the joyous moments her uncle brought into her life. "He gave us the most beautiful childhood, he gave his mother unconditional love and respect, he was a father to my Khala and my mother's soulmate," she wrote. "He never complained. He spoke kindly. He was invested in your life and wrote extensively to you when he felt strongly about something. He didn't miss a single 'Good morning precious' message."

Concluding her tribute, Mahira expressed the ongoing pain of his loss. "It's been two weeks since you left us. Still, this is tough to write, tougher than I imagined. We all miss you, Mamu... always will." Mahira included a personal touch by sharing his favourite song, Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwala, recounting the joyous times they shared singing and dancing to it.