Saheefa details ‘toxic relationship with food’, bravely shares weight, mental health struggles

In a brave Instagram post, model-turned-actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak laid bare her ongoing struggles with weight, mental health, and the pressures of the entertainment industry. “I have spoken about this before, and I'm going to speak about it again,” Khattak began, diving into her battle with weight that has spanned two to three years. The actress revealed that during her time in Pakistan she found herself about 10 kilograms overweight. “Last year, after my mental breakdown, I lost about 11-12 kilograms. It was alright for my height, but I didn't like it. Working in this industry, I feel pressured to look a certain way, despite all the talk about body positivity. For the past year, l've been on a diet, always struggling with weight and food,” penned the star.

“Staying away from home takes a toll on my mental and physical health. For the past 15-20 days on set, l've had two mental breakdowns. I kept calm, took my medicine, and kept it low-key.” The actress furthered on to tell her followers, “When you see people on social media showing their good side, know that many are struggling too.” Khattak concluded the post on a positive note, “There are days when things are dark and gloomy, but l've learned that there is always a bright, shiny, sunny day ahead. Believe in yourself, good karma, your God, and your manifestation.”