“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

Need for garbage bins on footpaths across the city
Without any significant effort, the city of Karachi is being overrun by trash daily. The trash's dispersal on the roads leads to clogged sewers and numerous other issues, such as infections and diseases. In a few months or so, the roads that the residents of some regions clean become wrecked again. I believe that keeping large and small trash bins in every location and on every road will prevent these roads from becoming littered. This will prevent rubbish from being dumped all over the street and instead gather it in bins and cans, making cleanup easier and taking less time. When it comes to my level, I always try not to litter the roadway but it is a bit inconvenient for me to carry the wrapper or trash till I reach somewhere with a bin. I appeal to the concerned authority to take restrictive and productive measures to solve the issue. Laws are not enough to stop this until society plays its part in eradicating the bad practice.
Reem Muzaffar,

More travel write-ups in MAG
I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the amazing job done by team MAG through this letter. It is obliging that the magazine stays up to date, highlighting all the current news and updated blogs on various things. For me, the most intriguing articles are about travelling and world news as I aspire to be a traveller in the future. I would suggest you expand a bit more on travelling stuff. I would also want to urge people to subscribe to MAG the weekly because it keeps you abreast of the latest information.
Ansa Tanveer,

The cause of the increasing street crimes in Karachi
Over the past 20 years, street crime in Karachi has been a significant issue. However, there have been a total of 56,500 street crimes registered in Karachi this year, most of which included snatching mobile phones. People have no choice but to look for other means of surviving as there are no jobs, housing, or food options. The government must make preparations, as well as properly accommodate and provide for its citizens during trying times. Police must be run by persons who are trustworthy with their citizens. As a result, while the problem is unquestionably serious, there is an urgent need for a solution. In light of the situation, we implore the relevant authority and the government to take strong action to prevent the loss of any more lives.
Hafsa Majid,

The poor condition of roads in Karachi
Through the esteemed column of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of relevant authorities towards the poor condition of roads of Karachi. The bad condition of roads has led to serious problems and the worst of them is traffic jams during peak office hours. It also causes frequent accidents and damage to vehicles. Moreover, it gets worse during the monsoon season as the drainage system clogs up and water accumulates on roads, flooding them. Precious lives are being lost due to this mismanagement of the road network and nothing is being done to rectify these problems. Authorities should take concrete steps to resolve the issue.

Gas load shedding in Karachi
Karachi is experiencing severe gas load shedding these days. The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has announced that it would supply gas to its domestic consumers thrice a day during meal times. The winter-specific issue of gas load shedding is still making life difficult for the residents of various localities in the city. It has become incredibly difficult to perform basic tasks, such as lighting up stoves and gas mantles, and boiling water. The load shedding is not only restricted to rather impoverished and underprivileged areas, but it is also being carried out in the posh areas of the city. The government should give some relaxation to the masses.
Areeba Munir