AHSAN & NEELUM - Hot on-screen, fun off-screen

They have entertained you through their memorable performances and sizzled when paired together – Ahsan Khan and Neelum Muneer are actors, entertainers, pure at heart, good company, and did we mention how gorgeous they are to look at? MAG catches up with the two stars in their own right for a quick, fun rapid fire. Excerpts:

Most memorable moment?

Neelum: When my mother gave me the biggest hug when I graduated from high school.

Ahsan: When my first child, my daughter was born.

The scariest moment?

N: I am not scared of anything!

A: I have never had such moments but one goes through them when your loved ones are not in good state, that can be scary.

When are you most nervous?

N: When I fly.

A: I don’t get nervous.

You’re most satisfied…

N: When I see my whole family happy.

A: When I am with my family, especially around my kids.

First celebrity crush?

N: I don’t have any celebrity crushes but everyone has crush on me *winks*

A: Monica Belluci, she was my first crush.

Someone you wish to work with?

N: I wish to work with only professionals who know how to deliver best projects and how to respect actors.

A: With anyone who is beyond excellent at acting, whether they are new or experienced, because that gives you energy and strength.

Favourite colour?

N: White.

A: Navy blue, black and white.

A personality you would like to spend a day with?

N: Edhi sahab.

A: Edhi sahab and Nelson, Mandela because I would love to learn from them.

If you were stranded on an island?

N: I would go fishing!

A: Obviously, I’d try to find a partner or a pet for myself and learn how to survive.

Craziest fan encounter?

N: When a fan told me he would kill himself for me.

A: This girl ran away from her home because she wanted to live with me. She even wrote me letters with her blood, it was very scary. I had to get hold of her family and sort it all out.

If you could wake up as someone else for a day, whose life would you like to live?

N: I would like to wake up as a whale, so I can swim in the sea.

A: I would like to wake up as myself but the best version of me, the best human. I feel like humanity needs to be celebrated, if there’s left any.

If you weren’t doing what you are, what would you be doing?

N: I would be a charity worker.

A: I would be an architect.

Designer: Sania Maskatiya & Naushad Imdad
Hair & Make-up: Eric @ JY – The Style Studio
Styling: Rana Asif
Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
Photography: Umair bin Nisar