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  • 09 Sep - 15 Sep, 2017
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Q: I am 20 years old and can’t decide what to study for my Bachelors degree. I want to study liberal arts but my parents are asking me to opt for a business degree, while all my friends are going for media sciences. One of my friends recently forced me to apply in the same university where she is going to study media sciences, which I decided to pursue at one point because my friend convinced me to, however, I couldn’t do it because my parents have strictly asked me not pursue studies in this field. Now I am completely confused and don’t know what to do, considering I have to decide soon. Please help me! Gul

A: Dear Gul, whatever degree you choose, you need to keep one thing in mind that it will have a major impact on what you choose as a career. Choosing to study for your Bachelors degree should be one of the serious decisions that you take, or else it would seem as if you are not serious about your studies or career at all. Though I would suggest that you go with what you want to pursue for a degree, but also keep in mind if it will be fruitful for you in the future, something that helps you in building a satisfactory professional life. When it comes to study, it’s better to see what will be good for you rather than listening to your friends and opting for what they choose to pursue. If you do not want to study business, try convincing your parents to let you study liberal arts, because as per your query they aren’t willing to let you study media science but they may agree upon your choice of degree. Also, consider your own calibre and how well you can do with what you want to study and try reaching out to school and college teachers, who might be able to guide through this.

Q: I am a mum of two boys. My elder son is four and goes to school while the younger one is seven months old. I work from home and have to serve at least eight hours for my writing job online. Before the birth of my younger boy, I easily managed work and took care of my household responsibilities, however, ever since his birth, things have been quite difficult for me to handle. I was enjoying my six-month-long maternity leave but since the past one month I have had to resume work. I though it wouldn’t be difficult, but my life has become really tough while juggling work, household chores, cooking and taking care of my kids altogether. I’m doing this job just to take care of my own expenses but all the responsibilities are leading me to quit it. Please advise me what to do. Ayesha

A: Dear Ayesha, I would advise you to quit your job because at the moment, your domestic life should be your priority. The advice would have been different if you were serious about your job or if you were a career-oriented person, however, the fact that you are only working to take care of your personal expenses does not make it necessary for you to work, particularly, if you cannot manage it. You can, nevertheless, continue working once you are prepared to manage everything together. Your child is very young and needs complete attention from you, whatsoever.