Domesticated Drama - Channeling Anxiety!

Three 8-9pm slot drama serials are reaching critical stages on a local channel, now. They are all domesticated subjects, namely Khamoshi, Dar See Jati Hai Sila, and Mah-e-Tamam. Let’s see what stages of anxiety they are in. Climax is something else, but this is pure anxiety. Reason?

In Khamoshi, for instance, the lead female, Zara Noor Abbas is finally reaching a decision to ask his friend and sympathiser to marry her because it’s the wish of her dying father. Surprisingly, the friend, Shehram (Bilal Khan) stuns her by revealing that he has reluctantly agreed to leave her, as she always wanted him to. At this juncture, the leading lady, who is in the habit of not explaining anything, falls silent again. And the critical time passes. Yes, Khamoshi! Attack of the vapours.

Ab dekhna yeh tha ke the eternal dukhyari, Sa’dia (Munazza Arif), faced with the final social indictment that she had an extra-marital affair with Joey (Noman Ejaz), comes out of her corner and tells all or not! Another anxiety! Zennex iste’mal keejiye! But, it’s the petrified daughter, (Yumna Zaidi), who spills the beans, and then mom follows the suit. Joey, too, has to admit his crime.
Good drama, predictable anxiety!

Now, here comes Mah-e-Tamam! There’s no climax here. But critical juncture it surely is! Being put to the extreme test of her patience by a pesky nand (Ramsha Khan), the gorgeous Naveen decides to fight back. As her husband (Emaad Irfani) finally listens to her regarding his chaheeti sister, she tells him to restrain himself, because she is too young, and escaped on a tour with her friends on a spur of the moment. Of course, there’s a sub-plot! So, no anxiety here: Just gham-o-ghussa! Anxiety will, nonetheless, follow this sub-plot!
Suspence? No. Awaiting predictable end. So, just anxiety!