What Should Be Wild
by Julia Fine

Maisie’s father raises her in a small cottage by the woods, and never informs her that she’s actually descended from a long line of cursed women. Julia Fine’s novel is a wonderful addition to that genre of lyrical, poetic fantasies, akin to fairy tales in their delicacy and adjacency to the real world.

The Electric Woman: A Memoir in Death Defying Acts
by Tessa Fontaine

In this riveting and powerful memoir of bravery and mother-daughter bonds, Tessa Fontaine literally lives out a metaphor. She runs away and she joins the circus – well, America’s last traveling sideshow, to be precise.

Welcome to Lagos
by Chibundu Onuzo

The author’s ambitious novel follows five characters of very different social standing, each with the same goal: Making it to Lagos. The housewife, DJ, rebel fighter, and orphan are led by army officer Chike Ameobi, who defected from the army after being ordered to kill civilians.

Heads of the Colored People
by Nafissa Thompson-Spires

The book is a collection of humorous, intelligent vignettes where the author explores aspects of being Black and middle-class in today’s America. This is a special collection. Buy it so you can read it more than once!

by Michelle Dean

The 10 brilliant women featured in Dean’s novel are all characterised by their mental prowess; their sharpness. But “sharp” has another edge, too but Dean manages to fit together the story of 10 lives in a compact, readable book.