The Lollywood Girls - Whiling Away Time

Afsos, the studios are veeran, almost haunted! The Evernew Square looks deserted most of the year, specially these days, when it’s like an oven in Lahore. Those yadgar days of the Nigarkhana seem like a forgotten dream!

I have seen these dark floors in glittering activity in the past, with Shabnam and Nadeem taking their cues during the making of films like Khubsurat and Naraz. Sultan Rahi used to cheer everybody up with funny dialogues with Anjuman, here, where there is no shooting these days, except some Lahore TV serials. For the moment, there are just announcement of dates for some shootings, that’s all.

So, the famous Lollywood actresses, who rode roughshod over the floors during the Nineties, are nowhere to be seen. Reema is married and settled in America. Meera, entangled in half a dozen court cases, is threatening to go to the US (jahan Reema wahan Meera). Resham, despite some top TV serials of the last decade to her name, is doing none these days. Saima has announced a debut production, a couple of weeks back. Sana is the only one, whose new film, Jackpot is to be screened just after Eid. Pretty Zara Sheikh is now coming out with a Na’at album in her own voice. Where is Nirma, nobody knows. Nobody has seen her for the last half a decade. As for Laila, she is strutting her scandalous self, and spoiling to take the matters with Meera to adalat, according to which, Meera owes her Rs 15 lakh.

Now, it seems, finally, that the Lollywood girls don’t have any work left. It’s sad, but it’s a hard fact of life. Lollywood, as we knew it, has stopped functioning!