Pack Your Bags!

  • 16 Jun - 22 Jun, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Time Out

Wish to do something different or eventful this Eid? If you are one of those who has a flair for travelling but do not get time, now’s your chance to make most of the four-day holidays by packing your bags to breathe fresh air in the breath-taking locations. Here is a list of places you can take your family to and enjoy to the fullest.

Mubarak Village

Cannot spare more than a day for travelling? Or it’s too hot to travel to faraway places? Mubarak Village is a place for you as it is a natural harbour with rocky hills at one side and calming waters near the shore. The bluest sky and sea breeze will invigorate your soul like no other. Make sure that you hike the mountain to have a full view of Churna Island. 

Historical trip

If you are an explorer and love to visit heritage sites, then Ranikot Fort is the best choice for a short trip. Fuel up your car and pack your camping bag because a day isn’t enough to go through this magnificent fort. Also known as the great wall of Sindh, the fort will capture your senses with intriguing sights. With temperatures expected to dip during Eid holidays, visiting this heritage site is worth it.

Resort adventures

There are many reasons to travel; to spend some quality time with your family and to get away from the busy schedule. Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort in Lahore should be on your travel list to make most of the Eid holidays. Located on the main Multan road, the resort offers fun water slides, swimming and numerous activities including go-karts, sand buggies, kiddy karts, archery, tennis, horse riding, cycling and much more. 

Northern treasures

Everyone needs a relief from the scorching weather during the summer months. Northern areas of Pakistan are world famous for the breathtaking natural sceneries. Plan your four days of utter bliss and be the guest of mountains. Low temperature, greener pastures, and healthy food will all make your holidays a thing to remember. And do not forget to have a bite of trout fish in one of the make-shift restaurants just beside the gushing waters of River Kunhar.