Simone Bramante

Italian photographer, Simone Bramante, spent the first ten years of his career working at communications and advertising agencies. His foray into photography happened after he began taking photos with an old-fashioned Canon 300 film camera and "fell in love with the grainy feel" of black and white images. That was over 15 years ago; today, he has a huge instagram following of over 760K.

He tries to interact with the natural elements through his photography and his images' compositions boast saturated colours and intense expressions of feelings. Although he is based in Bologna, Italy, Simone frequently travels the world.

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Croatian fishing port of Rovinj, Istrian peninsula

Blue Atlanta, Georgia

Trento, Italy

Matera, Italy

Florence, Italy

Raschen Pass, Alps - Italy

Nave de Vero, Venice - Italy

Fishermen village of Madrakia, Greece

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy