The rant against Pakistani dramas isn't an averagely new one. It’s been about a decade since Pakistan television has started getting appreciation from an international market. Finally after years of struggle, directors like Mehreen Jabbar, Haseeb Hassan and Haissam Hussain have uplifted the bar for Pakistan’s entertainment industry. However, these people carry a huge responsibility in grooming our nation. With their influence people are encouraged to normalise many disturbing behaviours. As a nation still developing and progressing, the media plays a vital role in the upbringing of the youth. By the entertainment industry, people are shown what behaviours and characteristics should and should not be idealised.

So today we discuss the sexist messages delivered by the dramas broadcasted on many famous television channels.

Domestic Violence is encouraged

Many famous and high-rated dramas like Durr-e-Shahwar, Bekhudi and Pakeeza normalise violent behaviour towards women, showing how a women must tolerate it for the sake of her family and honour. The word honour has already led to so many deaths and traumatised families. By portraying it in such a way will have a negative impact. Women going through the same crisis are afraid to stand up for themselves and be independent. Is this what we want to teach our women? Dramas as such tell how it is the right of the men to control his wife. How he has the right to slap her if she disobeys. This is what young girls are taught today. How are we as a nation to progress when half of the nation believes that they most tolerate violence against them and that they must be controlled. Why do we degrade our women to such an extent for them to question their self worth?

Dependence of women on men

A vast majority of Pakistani dramas show 100% dependence of a woman on her husband. She is dependent on him for every decision in her life. Her self-worth is dependent on the way her man treats her. Her respect in the family or household depends on how her husband keeps her. Without him, she is a sheer nobody. She has no voice. As a progressing nation such views are disturbing and should be looked upon on. Men believe that they have the right to dictate her and that they own her voice. Is this what we want the youth to believe what marriage is? Not something from which you grow together as partners and learn from each other. These dramas include your beloved Mera Saeen, Mann Mayal and Baaghi.


Pakistani dramas easily excuse a man’s animal-like behaviour. They portray his cheating on his women as an act of "men will be men". They aren’t animals who will behave in a certain manner no matter how well they are brought up. A second woman cannot be blamed for the man cheating on his wife; it is absolutely on him if he makes such a decision. A man’s lust is portrayed normally and how boys are and will be. They show how it is the wives, fault if she fails at attracting her husband towards her. Is this how we want to bring up our boys? With the feeling that all of their wrong decisions can be justified?

Abuse of Religion

These dramas easily excuse domestic abuse and ill treatment in the name of religion. They excuse marrying more than once in the name of religion although none of the wives are treated equally or fairly. Dramas like Kankar, Mera Saeen are prime examples, where such actions are justified. They have gone to such an extent to phrase the Quran to support violence and dominance. Such actions encourage harsh treatment towards girls in not only the rural areas but in the urban areas as well.

Bring a change

It is high time now that Pakistani actors, directors and producers acknowledge their duty towards the nation and stop portraying such images for just market value. It is solely their responsibility to broaden their thinking patterns. They must understand the effect these dramas have on the public and how much damage they can bring to the society as a whole. Would they like to be held responsible for the emotional pain they cause to women just by showing that these acts are to be justified? Will they stand answerable for women being abused at her home and her believing that what is happening to her is what she deserves? •