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For the love of food blogging!

Here are the best tips and tricks Kate of Cookies + Kate has to offer about food photography and equipment. She says that it’s all about the light and her best tip for beginners is to become aware of the intensity of the light and how it hits the food, and learn to adjust accordingly. Get started!

Take photos under natural light
Do not use overhead lights or lamps or your built-in flash. Ever!

Move around to find the best light source
Don’t feel confined to taking photos in your kitchen. Perhaps the light is best in your bedroom in the morning, and in your living room in the afternoon.

Try taking photos from multiple angles
Some plates of food look better from above (like, pizza), or from the side (burgers), or at a 45-degree angle (drinks). Try moving around the plate and taking photos at various angles so you can pick your favourite later.

Minimize clutter
If that spoon, napkin or busy background doesn’t add to the photo, it detracts from the photo. Focus on what is most important, but don’t zoom in so close that viewers can’t tell what the food is.

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Happy blogging!