• 15 Sep - 21 Sep, 2018
  • Malaeka Amir


Dietland is based off of Sarai Walker’s novel of the same name and is a series that touches the issues females face every single day, be it harassment or beauty standards. Starring Alicia Kettle (Joy Nash) who is better known as Plum for her rather large figure. She works under a magazine that is, according to her, “inspiring great young women to become great young wives”, answering letters to the editor for her boss Kitty (Juliana Margulies) who’s as condescending as ever.

Not only that, but she struggles with her own image and often turns to dieting for temporary satisfaction. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to lose weight and she finally resorts to a weight-loss surgery. Soon enough though, Plum finds herself stuck between two feminist enemy groups, unable to crawl her way out. Oh, I forgot to mention; she’s also getting stalked by a goth-ish girl who has seen and knows more about her than any ordinary person should.

It’s definitely one in a million, defying categorization as it makes its way into dark comedy and pure facts, leaving a feministic message in its wake. It circles around murder-mystery, beauty-industry and thriller. Maybe even more. It manages to get a few laughs out of me with a spur of comedy during serious situations. Even through that, it doesn’t lose its true solemnity and drones on about the gravity of fat-shaming, mental illnesses and self-satisfaction.

I truly enjoyed this masterpiece and hope to see more of lovely Plum and her once simple life in the next season! Accompany Plum on her journey of finding herself by watching this show!

Rating: 4Stars


Condor is about an ex-CIA agent, Joe Turner (played by Max Irons) who’s soon recruited again by his uncle, Bob Partridge (William Hurt) when an algorithm he had created a while ago catches onto a few terrorists threatening the nation’s safety.

Returning to the office after running an errand, the man comes face to face with a horrendous scene caused by professional assassins; his whole team had been killed brutally. Suddenly, he finds himself on the run, barely a step ahead from the threatening hit-men shots on his tracks. Later, he comes to learn that everything isn’t what it seems like and perhaps, he might find a friend in his enemy.

The show, inspired by Three Days of the Condor which had been further inspired by Six Days of the Condor, is genuinely entertaining with its inability of slowing down for distracted viewers and blunt thriller. It’s not really distinguishable from the variety of thrillers and true crime shows airing on television. Joe’s fit body and sculptured face are pleasing to the eye but his mask of an intelligent agent is often thrown off by the, quite frankly, stupid decisions he makes. And still, somehow, he manages to stay out of the hands of pesky enemies.

It is at the same time not so discreetly challenging every viewer to think through the U.S. government’s liability. The writing is formidable, I’ll admit. It relates well with today’s society. It’s truly an adventure and a great show, it doesn’t help that the show has a cast full of tremendous actors.

Rating: 3Stars


Lost In Space looks thirty years into the future with the Robinson family sent into space in search of a better world. Out of the blue, they’re thrown off course due to what I assume was a giant shipwreck and are forced to accommodate to a planet with a few characteristics matching Earth’s. They’re not the only ones stranded on this unknown planet, though.

Along with them are June Harris (Parker Posey) who’s pretending to be Dr. Smith and Don West (Igancio Serricchio), both bound together by pure fate and their mutual favouritism over deception.

The show is exciting, my breath was lodged in my throat when Judy got stuck in the ice, I honestly wasn’t able to turn away from the screen of my laptop. It’s an adventurous ride into the science fiction world, family friendly and paced.

It’s a story about how a father tries to rekindle a lost family bond while in the middle of outer-space. The sight of everyday hearty bickering between family members can bring warmth to even the coldest of hearts. Lost In Space also has its ups and downs, still unable to reach to the point of Star Trek and others of its likes with the miscalculated turns it takes. It often avoids intellectual paths and gives vague descriptions as to why Earth had been evacuated along with other twists.

It is fun to watch and also has potential, so with the renewal of season, I hope to see improvisations in the plot.

Rating: 3Stars