Sordid Stuff! - Our Serials Are Losing Steam!

Stepping on each other’s toes, I am afraid, these new drama serials! They are hinging on weak issues, which do not have the required clutch plate to accelerate at the right juncture.

Rating-wise, Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka, is being touted as the most followed serial among the channels. That may be because of the Hareem-Rehman pairing, but sorry guys, no cigar! The whole thing is touching the pits, unless your IQ is even lower than that! Every episode, Ali Rehman, Hareem Farooq, and Alamdar Hussain discuss the same issues, with the same, predictable results, and they return to square one. This is getting to be so desperate that I am even averting my eyes from the gorgeous Hareem, a girl that literally lights up the screen. In my opinion, the serial could only sit up with an unsuspected twist, the likes of which doesn’t click the neurons in our neck of the woods!

Tawan, another fat little dud of a serial has no shoes to strut its stuff. Such a handsome hero, Emmad Irfani is going to waste after Hina Altaf had a quick fade out. Since then, Momal Khalid has put paid to the serial. Momal doesn’t have the chamak damak yet to step into Hina’s shoes. Don’t know who had the bright idea to kidnap her! You can see that in the new serial, Aatish, where Hina Altaf is the torch light in her hand, literally.

With Geo’s interesting serial, Ghar Titli ka Par nearing climax, and that deadpan Zan Mureed petering out, only Kaisee Aurat Hoon Main and Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai are good enough to hold attention this September!