Ups and downs of the Style Game

Hum Style Awards are gone with the wind, but we are having a taxing time convalescing from the fashion comatose it has doused us in. Fast-forwarding to our favourite bit, with the who-wore-what business, read on!

Behold the head turners!

Mawra Hocane

Mawra flaunted a nude embellished sari, by Indian design house Label D, which served as a refreshing change from her poofy princess gowns. It is the silver gota detailing on the fringe of the pallu and waistline which has us starry-eyed. Paired with glowy makeup, elegant up-do and pretty ear baubles, the dress gets a ‘yes’ from us!

Syra Shehroz

We are divided on this one, Syra. The Diane von Furstenberg creation paled next to the glamour upheaval at the awards night and would be more suited for a store launch or even a soirée. However, it is difficult to not appreciate how the wearer pulled it off with simple hair, pretty earrings and natural makeup. You can get away with it this time.

Saba Qamar

And in waltzed a Black Swan in the guise of Saba Qamar. The poofy embellished gown with a sheer bodice had the ultimate showstopper effect on the red carpet, causing all other costumes to pale next to nightly grandiosity of this one. She looked almost overdressed, yet magnificent. The simple up-do and fuss-free make-up made for an overall styling triumph.

Mansha Pasha

Mansha adorned a dress which was her own creation. Rumour has it, the actress has her own clothing line in the works. A big nod to that! We would like to see more of her work because this gown, with flowing silhouette and floral galore, is beautiful. The choice of simple make-up compliments the look just right.

Misbah Mumtaz

What a statement to make on a style awards red carpet! Misbah’s midriff- baring black bodice with a colourful drape is exactly what we needed amongst a repetitive whirlwind of gowns. Bonus points for that antique necklace which grabbed our attention the most.

Now for the head shakers….

Sonya Hussyn

While we were rooting for her classic pulled-back hair and JLo make-up perfect for summers, we were (almost rudely) let down by her choice of attire. Perhaps it’s the blaring purple colour, the quality of fabric or just the silhouette; it obviously didn’t work for her, or for fashion writers for that matter... Don’t keep doing this to us, Sonya!

Hania Aamir

In a confusing turn of events, Hania decided to show up in an algae- coloured gown; a colour which could have been swapped for a beautiful bottle-green. That’s not the only misfortune with her dress; do you see that single spaghetti strap on her right shoulder? We feel it was meant to serve as a hanger loop, rather than made to dangle awkwardly on her bare shoulder. No, no you can’t get away with this fashion blunder even with your cute dimples!

Nausheen Shah

Something went terribly wrong on the style awards night for Nausheen Shah. There is too much going on with her attire. The dress begins as a patterned bodice, becomes wrinkled at the intermediary, surprises us with a sudden ruffle later and then pools to the floor in grey pleats. The overall look spells dramatic- gone-awry.

Sanam Saeed

Sanam decided to prance in a dress made with curtains. Also, did we not collectively agree on the no-more-ruffles-rule for 2018? I guess we have to resend the memo to Sanam, because her shoulder ruffles are drowning her. Excellent work on the make-up though!

Sadaf Kanwal

We have always vouched for Sadaf’s styling sense and we still do, but this time her crimson strapless dress has failed her. It would have made for a ferocious colour to rock on the carpet, but we feel the overall look has been thwarted by the choice of make-up and hairdo. Successful experimentation is not everyone’s forte, not even a supermodel’s, it seems!